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Q: Where are you located and will you travel?
A: I am located in Strong, Maine and will travel throughout central, Maine at no additional charge including Sugarloaf, Rangeley, Sundriver, Bethel, Poland Springs, Rockland, Camden, Belfast, Brunswick, Boothbay, and Bangor. All locations over 2 hours and less than 3.5 hours add $300.  If the location is over 3.5 hours travel and expenses will be added.  Please ask.  I am also available for state side destinations weddings. 

Q: Can you describe your style of photography?
A: My goal is to capture authentic emotion, candid moments, and  traditional timeless portraits that are so important on your wedding day.  My style is a bit of photojournalistic mixed with classic style and a touch of artistic. 

Q:  Do you offer a second photographer?
A:  Yes, there is an additional charge unless one is included in the package, which I do suggest unless the wedding guest list is less than 30 people.

Q: Do you offer albums?
A: Yes, I make custom heirloom books and albums that will be passed down.  Click here for a sample book.  I offer many  styles to choose from, the price depends on the size of the album, cover, number of pages

Q: What if I only want only digital images?
A. Every package I offer comes with small digital files for use on social media.  I recommend against all digital only packages for several reasons but you do offer the option to buy the digital files. Most couples don't have the time to edit the images, touch up their images, and then design their own book or album.  Don't let your images end up as a disk of images that sits in a drawer.  Also I work with top professional labs in the country clients often end up with bad photographs printed at a less than professional lab.  Digital images can also be easily lost with a hard-drive failure or other technical mishaps.  I feel it is important to have a finished product of your special day, captured in an album full of fond memories and a beautiful piece of wall art that you will enjoy each time you walk into the room!!!!  If you would like to purchase large printable digital files I do offer that as an add on option.

Q: What is "photojournalistic style"?
A: Most anyone with a camera has taken a pleasing "candid" photograph.  "Photojournalistic style" is an elevated form of candid photography in which a story is told by artfully capturing emotions and details in a non-posed moment. This is an important element of your Wedding photography.  Many aspects of your Wedding ceremony and much of your reception are all "candid" and naturally lend themselves to a photojournalistic approach such as cutting the cake, bouquet toss, dancing shots, Best Man's toast, etc. Some photographers are definitely better than others at photojournalism. 

As your photographer I offer you a well-rounded blend of creative formal portraiture and photojournalism strive to capture your expressions and the day.   Don't be disappointment by having hired a "photojournalistic style" photographer and winding up with a lot of candid photos that look like ordinary snap-shots anyone could have taken and not a single decent portrait of the bride and groom alone together.   I will gladly lean one way or the other depending upon your wishes. 

Q: What should I be looking for in a Wedding Photographer's work?
A: Artistry!!!  Someone who'd like to be your Wedding Photographer seem nice enough, but "the proof is in the pudding."  Good Wedding Photography evokes a positive emotion from you and your family.  It should also be interesting and good in form.
When studying a sample portrait, does it look stiff, contrived or unbelievable?  How do you feel about the pose?  Are a poses and the photographer's lighting choice flattering to the subject(s)?  Are there elements of a photograph that distract you from the subject?  In an outdoor photo, could a branch, which appears to be growing out of someone's head, have been avoided?  What are people doing with their hands - is the groom helping his bride?  In-group shots are relationships apparent, or are fake-smiling people posed.  In the field of Wedding Photography you'll find all manner of workmanship at all levels of pricing.  Put on your critic cap and surf photographers' websites. There is wonderful work to be seen, composed by truly caring, talented professionals who might rightly be called "Artists".

Q: Why do you ask that no one else take pictures during the formal photography.  
A: If the photographer is trying to work quickly through a series of formal pictures, a snap-shooter might slow the process. A problem arises when there are several cameras aimed at a formal group - the subjects will be looking in different directions. The diverted attention will ruin the professional's picture that you are paying for. Or, if the professional is using a light-sensing trigger device on a second flash, other flashes will trigger this flash, ruining the pictures. There are many other reasons why a professional might ask others to refrain from picture taking during formals. On the other hand, many guests find snapping a few pictures a pleasant part of attending weddings, so it should not be a big deal for your professional to be relaxed and let people snap away when formals are over. Ideally, guests should show respect for the bridal party and photographer and put down their cameras during the formal photos.

Q:  A photographer I spoke with suggested that to minimize the time my guests need to wait for me to arrive at my reception, I should consider having all my formal Wedding Party and Family shots done prior to my Wedding ceremony.  This would mean I'd see my fiancé before our ceremony, and I don't want that.
A:  You don't have too.  All your life, you've imagined your Wedding Day.  You know how you want your day to be before you ever spoke with anyone about planning it.  Your Wedding Day is about your convenience, and what you've always wanted.   

Q:  One photographer I spoke with boasted about his/her memberships to photography associations.  Does a photographer's membership to such a thing really make a difference for my Wedding?
A: All an "association" requires is a name and credit card number to acquire membership.  Although, I am a member of Professional Photographers of America.  Meet with the photographer, observe the persons work and make your choice based on your impression and their work and who you feel comfortable with!  I'm fun, bubbly, traditional, and I'm a busy person...not sitting still very long :)  I find photographing exciting and enjoy my work!  So if you like that, then we will get along great!  If not, then I may not be a good fit as your photographer.  So lets meet up and see if we are a good fit!!!!!!!! 

Q:  I'm not sure what size portrait to order.  Can you help?
A:  Yes, I will help you choose but as a reference below is an example of how a 20 x 30" photograph will lover over a 7' couch. 

Q:  How much do you charge?
A:  Weddings are an investment.  There are many levels of photographers out there and many different price points.  I have experience and an artistic eye, if you like my style then lets talk!!  

My average bride spends $3500 on wedding photography.

In order to provide personalized service and the highest quality work. I accept a limited number of weddings each year.

Designing an album is an art.  Much time and care is put into creating the perfect album for your style.
Photography is not just about clicking the shutter button. It also requires knowledge about lighting, equipment, people skills, preparation, design and layout, retouching, and presentation.

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